Meredith & Jake

July 1, 2017
Private Residence & Sunrise Amphitheater
Boulder, Colorado

47_Ceremony Decor.jpg

Meredith and Jake were married in Meredith's hometown in Boulder, Colorado, standing quite literally atop a mountain - fitting as these two's biggest hobby (besides being brilliant scientists) is mountaineering! As I was also serving in the bridal party, the incredible Sheepdog Productions captured the ceremony and couple's portraits, but I was lucky enough to get to photograph everything else.

02_Pre-Wedding Softball.jpg
03_Pre-Wedding Softball.jpg
05_The Bride Plays Softball.jpg
06_Run, Meredith, Run.jpg

The wedding day began with a rousing game of softball - bride vs. groom, of course (I want to say the bride's team won, but that might be my ego talking). The wedding party then returned to the home of Meredith's parents to get ready for the ceremony (and of course, take a few portraits of the bride).

20_Getting Ready.jpg
08_Wedding Gown.jpg
27_Getting Ready.jpg
36_The Bride.jpg
35_The Bride.jpg
38_The Bride.jpg

The bride's gorgeous dress was Nicole Miller, purchased from BHLDN.

21_The Rings.jpg

Once everyone was looking pretty, we took the winding road up and up to the ceremony site, the Sunrise Amphitheater on Flagstaff Mountain. The view was just ok (I mean, just look at it - hideous, am I right?).

44_The View.jpg

As mentioned, due to my participation in the ceremony, I left the photography there to Sheepdog Productions, and picked up again at the reception in the bride's parents' backyard. The adorable decor was mostly DIY, thanks in large part to the incredible talents of the bride herself and the groom's mother, who sewed garlands and painted signs and made sure moose were everywhere (#ThisMooseBeLove was quickly coined the hashtag for the day). 

17_Wedding Decor.jpg
12_Wedding Decor.jpg
14_Wedding Decor.jpg

In addition to the moose theme (the couple got engaged on a moose-filled hike in Maine), sunflowers and blue ruled the day, with personal touches like mason jars lined with pages from the bride's beloved Breakfast at Tiffany's as part of the table decor.

59_The Newlyweds Arrive.jpg
57_The Newlyweds Arrive.jpg

The couple arrived to much fanfare, and the celebration quickly turned to tacos, champagne, and cake!

63_Pouring the Champagne.jpg
69_Wedding Toasts.jpg
68_Wedding Toasts.jpg
66_Wedding Toasts.jpg
73_Wedding Cake.jpg
78_Cutting the Cake.jpg
74_Cutting the Cake.jpg
80_He Got Her.jpg
84_Cutting the Cake.jpg

As the sun went down, the couple kicked off the dancing with their first dance before friends and family swarmed the floor to party the night away.

86_Wedding Sunset.jpg
89_First Dance.jpg
88_First Dance.jpg


Dress | BHLDN
Hair | Connie Connors
Makeup | Kelly Perron
Ceremony Venue | Sunrise Amphitheater
Ceremony Photography | Sheepdog Productions
Reception Venue | Private Residence
Florals | Connie Connors